Blu-ray Decrypter Guides & Reviews

It becomes so easy now that decrypt Blu-ray movies, copy, rip and burn Blu-ray discs. Just download the powerful Blu-ray decrypter and start the following backup job:

  • Decrypt Bluray protection (BD+ and AACS).
  • Rip Blu ray to PC's hard drive.
  • Convert Blu-ray movies to any video formats and put Blu-ray onto portable multimedia devices, mobile phones, PDAs, etc.
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How to Decrypt Blu-ray discs and rip it

Best way : Use AnyDVD HD (frequently updated)

decrypt blu-rayDecrypt Bluray to PC easily! Works for all Blu-ray movies even the latest one. One click is enough to remove all encryption.
1. Download, install and launch the great Blu-ray decrypter.
2. Right-click the fox icon on your toolbar. Select 'rip video HD DVD/Blu-ray to Harddisk'.
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Bluray Decrypter - AnyDVD HD features:

  • Includes decryption of Blu-ray (BD+ and AACS) and HD DVD (AACS) movies.
  • Removes region codes from Blu-ray Discs.
  • Decrypt Blu ray and rip Blu-ray to hard disk, Blu-ray to ISO, Blu-ray to M2ts.
  • The "must have" utility for the serious home theater enthusiast using a media center / home theater PC.
  • Watch movies over digital display connection, without HDCP-compliant graphics card and without HDCP-compliant display.
  • Playback your discs on your PC with PowerDVD Ultra, which otherwise do not run.
  • The Blu-ray decrypter is compatible with Windows 98 or higher, including Windows 8.

Solution 2: Use Blu-Ray & DVD Decrypter

blu ray decrypterWith Blu-Ray Decrypter you may perform ripping, copying and burning operations with Blu-ray discs as well as ripping Blu-ray discs to m2ts file set. Blu-Ray Decryption advanced features enable you to create valid Blu-ray discs from custom video files, for example, copied from other Blu-ray discs.

This amazing software enables you to create copies of Blu-ray discs in several clicks! Moreover, with Blu-ray Decrypter Wizard you may rip Blu-ray discs into your hard drive and burn them to writable discs or emulate with built-in emulator and watch Blu-ray Video movies directly on your PC. Virtual drive created with emulator works and behaves just like a physical Bluray drive, however it exists only virtually. Image files generated with Blu-Ray Decrypter can be mounted onto a virtual drive from your hard-disk and used in the same manner as inserting them into a normal Blu ray drive. Free download (coming soon)

Bluray DVD Decrypter features:

  • Remove protection from Bluray media.
  • Copy Blu-Ray to ISO image file (mountable by any Blu-Ray emulator application) or save the video content as the file set on your hard disc.
  • Decrypt Blu Ray disc to hard drive.
  • Compatible with all Blu-ray media. Works with all Blu-ray drives, regardless of region code.
  • Supports common image format - ISO.
  • Allows mounting existing ISO images as virtual drives.
  • Burn Blu-ray discs and Bluray image.
  • Erase the Blu-ray disc.