Convert Blu-ray to DVD

How to copy Blu Ray movies to DVD and burn DVD playable on home DVD player? How to rip Bluray to AVCHD format and create AVCHD DVD playable on any Blu-ray device, PS3 or software players like PowerDVD? This Bluray to DVD Converter will work perfect for you!

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Copy Blu Ray to DVD

copy blu-ray to dvd, convert blu-ray to avchdAVS All-in-one Video Converter for Windows and Blu-ray ripper for Mac give you the freedom to enjoy Blu-ray movies on your DVD player, with almost the same quality! Now you can easily copy Blu-ray to DVD or convert Blu-ray to AVCHD with only one click. The built-in SmartExpress HD video codec module and SmartBurn burning engine will ensure an effective and fast burn.
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Bluray to DVD, BluRay to AVCHD features:

  • Rip Blu-ray to DVD and burn DVD
    • Rip Blu-ray disc to DVD and save it on the hard disk
    • Copy a Blu-ray movie to one DVD-5 or DVD-9, or two DVD-5 discs
    • Make DVD from Blu-ray and burn DVD quickly
    • Backup the harddisk Blu-ray movie to a DVD-R/RW or two DVD-5 discs
    • Save your desired audio track
    • Burn the movie to more blank discs and you’ll get a better image and sound effect
    • Support for all Blu-ray movies, Blu-ray drives, DVD players and DVD software player
    • Compress the harddisk Blu-ray movie to a DVD
  • Blu-Ray to AVCHD DVD and create AVCHD DVD
    • "1:1 copy" can perfectly copy Blu-ray to DVD without any compress or quality loss. Since there isn't any compression under 1:1 copy mode, four to ten blank DVDs are needed.
    • Compress a Blu-ray movie to one AVCHD DVD-R/RW or DVD-R/RWs, which has a better video and audio effect.
    • Fast burning speed.
    • Copy Blu-ray movie to AVCHD and save it on the hard drive.
    • Copying a hard disk Blu-ray movie to one AVCHD DVD or multiple AVCHD DVD-R/RW.
    • Save the audio track and subtitle you prefer.
    • Select your desired resolution.
    • Burn the movie to blank discs.